Bruno’s Pizzeria

If you’re ever in the neighborhood, you should definitely check out Bruno’s Pizzeria. This place is filled with amazing people, great homestyle Italian food and, of course, delicious pizza. I had the pleasure of taking some photos a couple of weeks ago, and getting to hear stories from Italy was amazing. Here are a few shots from Bruno’s Pizzeria. Also you can check out there website






Larraine’s Maternity

I had a blast photographing these two love birds on Saturday morning. We had a lot of laughs and had an awesome time. We started out at sunrise in Brick on the beach then went to their dock. I was so excited and honor to be able to photograph their maternity shoot. I can’t wait for Joelle to be born! Here are a couple of photos.



This past summer, I was the photographer for Wakeoff, a wakeboarding competition. It was held in Lake Forest Yacht Club in Lake Hopatcong. Even though this was a competition everyone was excited to be in the water and have fun. The crowd was pumped, the kids were having a blast. Can’t wait for next summer!


Olivia’s 1st Birthday!


Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of  photographing Olivia’s 1st Birthday! This was by far the coolest one year old birthday party I have ever seen! Filled with all sorts of delicious candies, bright colorful decorations, fun games, a photo booth and a classic hot dog stand…yes, a hot dog stand! Here are some of the photos from the party. Enjoy!!



This girl is waaayy too cool……she had a second outfit :)

Photo Booth Time







Now it’s time for some fun!


Happy Birthday Olivia!       

Behind the Scene

Finish my third year of college. Time just flies by. Here are some shots of my studio class. Had a great time creating, laughing and of course taking pictures. It was a lot of fun working with this talent group of people. Hope you enjoy some behind the scene photos.




Had some fun photographing these guys!


Till Next Time!



Tough Mudder!




Group hug!

It’s freezing!!







What’s your excuse?



Love the fun vibes, and customs!


Love the energy.

True inspiration.


Toughing it out together.

Wounded soldiers, bonded by brotherhood, this was truly an inspiring moment…

never say “I can’t”, because THEY did!


Orange headband + Free beer= Every tough mutters dream!